About Us

Welcome to SABA!


Welcome to the South Ardmore Betterment Alliance!

Our vision:

- To amplify the civic voice and ensure resident participation in shaping the future of south Ardmore;

- To keep south Ardmore a livable and safe community;

- To support the police, fire/rescue, school, and utility services within the neighborhood;

- To build a brighter future for the place we call home.

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Mission Statement


SABA, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation duly organized and existing pursuant to the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. SABA is a non-partisan neighborhood organization dedicated to representing the interests of ordinary residents and homeowners of South Ardmore who wish to maintain and enhance the quality of life in our community.

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Who We Are: Officers and Key Volunteers List, May, 2008


SABA is composed of every day citizens all with the same goal: to improve South Ardmore.

  • President: (Vacant)
  • Vice President: Ed Magargee
  • Recording Secretary: Emi Leivano
  • Treasure: Erica Keagy
  • Assistant Treasurer: Katrine Sutton
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Steve Fischer
  • Webmaster: Douglas Muth
  • Public Relations Liaison: (Vacant)
  • Haverford Township Civic Council Liaison: Michael Kay
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